How To Make Jerky From Hamburger

Making Ground & formed Jerky at home


100# of 97% lean beef, pork, or turkey, etc

4 ounces of liquid smoke (dilute with 4oz. water).

Jerky seasoning

2.5# curing salt if not included in your jerky seasoning

Yields about 38# of beef jerky

  1. Use only the best and freshest & leanest meat.
  2. Grind once through your home meat grinder (or you can have your butcher do this at the store for you), then add your seasoning and your salt and liquid smoke.
  3. Mix for a minute or two, then grind again with a 1/8" plate grinder.
  4. If you don't have the "original jerky shooter" you can get it at; , or you can put the meat between two pieces of waxed paper and use a rolling pen to flatten it to 1/4" thickness. Then cut them in long strips about 1 inch to 1½ inch wide strips.
  5. Lay the slices on a screen leaving the same space between slices as the width of them. You can use a Teflon coated, galvanized or stainless steel ¼" hail screen. If you use a pan, it may not dry as quick or as even.
  6. Your oven or smoker needs to have a small outlet at the top to have an outlet for the moisture because you will be loosing over 50% of the weight through evaporation.
  7. Dry for 1 hour at 165 F. and another 6 to 16 hours at 140 F. Yield will vary according to how long you dry it. The thinner the meat the quicker it dries. If you dry it too long, it will snap in two when you bend it.
  8. You can also make a jerky formation come out of a home grinder by flattening the end of a pvc pipe in the shape of the jerky (about 1 ¼" wide by ¼" thick). I heated the end of a 1" pvc pipe until it started to melt and placed a ¼" thick stick in the end and clamped it in the vice while hot. When I pulled the stick out the formation stayed the thickness of the stick. I started with a floor drain the size of the grinder head, then reduced it down to the size of the 1" pvc. The plumbing fittings to fit on the end of your grinder are available at your local hardware.