How To Get Started In The Jerky Business

Find a good jerky maker and ask them if they would make your recipe in a private label. Even if it costs extra, you will invest a lot less and be able to test market your product. Even if you don't make a dime, it is a good way to test your product and market.

Things you need to be a jerky, do-it-yourself-er

  1. A good recipe
  2. A place to sell it
  3. Equipment - commercial slicer, smoker or oven, vacuum packager, big refrigerator (walk - in type) to make jerky in volume.
  4. A plan to expand when sales increase.
  5. Plan B ( don't give up your day job until you are sure)
  6. Remember, when you give out samples, people like it better when it's free. Their opinions may change when you charge for it.
  7. A computer to make a mailing list for mail order customers
  8. A web sight if you want to sell mail order. The cost to host and maintain the website $1,000 or more a year.
  9. You need good credit to buy supplies from vendors.
  10. Finally, you need a boss that is willing to take you back in case you didn't use plan B.