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Does your jerky have preservatives?

Nitrites, as found in all green vegetables, are used in processing our jerky to prevent botulism. The old timers used the similar sodium products found in "salt peter".

Our best selling jerky (the old fashioned beef), has only salt, pepper, a little spice, two other salt derived products, sodium nitrite, & sodium erythorbate.

Also, our Old Fashioned Beef Jerky, Pemmican, Midnight Special and Turkey Jerky contain NO MSG.

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How should I store the jerky?

All our jerky keeps in the freezer up to one year. And, depending on how much humidity in your refrigerator and whether the vacuum bag has a hole punctured in it, it keeps 1 to 8 weeks in the refrigerator.

It will keep longer if it is kept in a paper bag or open to air. In that case, make sure there is nothing that will affect the taste, like limburger cheese, cantaloupe, etc.

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How Can I keep it for a long time without refrigeration?

Two things are needed to allow mold to grow. Air and moisture. The old timers never had plastic vacuum bags to keep their jerky, they just kept it in places where air could circulate about it. The cowboys and Indians kept it in pockets or on the clothes line. Plastic vacuum bags used to keep air off the jerky works for a certain length of time. But when you open the bag (or the jerky pokes a small hole in it), it lets in air with some added moisture. It will eventually mold unless you freeze it or open the bag to dry the accumulated moisture . The plastic is necessary when freezing the jerky to prevent freezer burn.

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Do you offer Samples &/or Free samples?

If you would like to sample our jerky, please order the 5 sample packs from our Order page.

Due to the hundreds of requests for the free ones, we had to discontinue them.

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How long does it take to receive an order?

Generally, one to seven days depending on the following factors: your location, method of payment, method of shipment, when order placed. Credit card orders received via the internet by 1 p.m. are shipped same day via UPS Ground or USPS Priority Mail.

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Can I select the method of shipment?

You can select the method of shipment (and give other special requests) by typing it in the OPTIONAL NOTES box at the end of the account setup process. OR if you have an existing account, click the Make Changes button when the order system brings up your information and change the NOTES.

Or you can place your order by calling toll free 1-800-322-0868 weekdays 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

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Will information I provide for an order be kept confidential?

We value your privacy and DO NOT share our customer's information with anyone.

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Do I have to give my phone number to place an order?

Our order process does require a phone number incase we need to contact you with questions about your order or you request the order payment option of credit card via phone. We will never give your information, including your phone number to anyone. If you still wish to not give your phone number, you can enter 9999999999 (10 numbers) in the Day Phone box.

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Other questions not answered here?

We have a friendly staff that will promptly answer your other questions if you call toll free

1-800-322-0868 weekdays 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

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